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'I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support that you provided me over the last few weeks. 


The insoles that you have provided, have allowed me to return to using the gym with no pains or the feeling of pins and needles that I had been experiencing in my big toe.  Who would have guessed that by supporting the arch of my foot something so simple could stop the disabilating pain that I had suffered for the past 18 months.'



'Following my consulation I felt the need to thank you for all you advice and support.  I contacted my Doctor and have been seen by the Consultant at Musgrove Park Hospital and  have a provisional surgery date for February. 


As you understand I'm still very nervous about the idea of surgery, the Consultant has explained the operation to me and with the information that I had already gained from yourself now know that if successful I can be pain free and get back to the walking and the ballroom dancing that I enjoy.'



'I will never understand why I had not thought to look at the insole of my shoe, and to notice that the stitching of the insole had been causing the corn in the centre of my heel.  
You are the first Podiatrist that I have visited that took the time to examine my shoes thoroughly and identify the cause of the problem.  The heel cup that you recommended has fully resolved the problem, and it is with regret that I will not longer need to see you regularly.  You know that I will recommend you to others for your excellent advice and your friendly and professional manner.'
'Just a quick thank you note for fitting me in at such short notice before my holiday.  As alway I feel like I am walking on air after seeing you and will be back following my cruise for my scheduled appointment.'
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